Training Schedule 2021

Training Level/Seminar Date Teachers Location Country
 Lev III Adv. Clinical Pt 2  Jan 2-5  Cohen &Vila  Online  USA
 Lev I – Pt 1; Pt 2 (TBA)  Jan 6-7  Bae & Moon  Online  South Korea
 Lev III Music and Psyche  Jan16-17  Davis & Burgner  Online  USA
Music and You  Feb 1through Mar 15th 7 sessions  Vila & Lim  Online  Malaysia
Lev III Music and Psyche  Feb 5-7  Kim  Online  South Korea
Lev III Music and Psyche I, Pt 1  Feb 6-7  Lee & Seung-hee  Online  South Korea
Lev III Music and Psyche, Pt 2

Level I

 Mar 7 and Mar 14

March 26-29 and Apr   23-26

 Lee & Seung-hee

Borling and Murphy


Onsite SUNY Fredonia campus

 South Korea


 Lev I  April or May TBA  Johnson & Marinucci  Online  USA
 Lev III Transpersonal  April 2-5  Lee  & Seung-hee  Retreat Center  South Korea
 Lev I  May 20-23  Cohen & Vila Denton, TX  USA
 Lev III Supervision  May 22-23  Davis & Burgner  Online  USA
 Lev II, Pt 1 May 27-30 Cohen & Vila  Online  Malaysia
 Lev II, Pt 2 June 3-5 Cohen & Vila  Online  Malaysia
 Lev I  Summer  Davis & Burgner  Online  USA
 Lev III Myth, Pt 1  Summer  Johnson & Marinucci  Online  USA
 Lev III Adv. Clinical , Pt 1  June 5,6 Lee & Seung-hee  Online  South Korea
 AMI CONFERENCE  June 17-20  Online  International
 Lev III, Adv. Clinical, Pt 2  June 12-13  Lee & Seung-hee  Online South Korea
 Lev I  June 25-28  Kim  Online  South Korea
Level III, Adv Clinical  June 30-July 3  Bae & Moon  Online  South Korea
 Lev II  July 15-21 Lee & Seung-hee  Pusan   Retreat   Center  South Korea
 Lev III Transpersonal & Music & Psyche, Pt 2  July 23-28  Borling & Gimeno  Madrid  Spain
Lev II August TBA Lee & Seeung  TBA  South Korea
Lev II August 5-10 Cohen & Vila  Denton, TX USA
Lev II FALL TBA Johnson & Marinucci  TBA USA
ATT Invitational Course Lev I

ATT Invitational Course Lev II

Sept 10-12

Sept 17-19

Bush  and Stearns ONLINE USA, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Singapore, Seoul, Korea
Lev I  2022 Jan 2-5 Borling & Gimeno Madrid Spain